Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to correct sagging eyelids and other issues around the eye area. It is both a cosmetic procedure, as well as to correct vision problems associated with too much skin around the eye area. The majority of surgeons use a scalpel procedure, however, only a few use a laser to correct such issues. The use of a laser is a much more advanced procedure that requires a high level of skill. Read more at USA Today about Blepharoplasty, what it accomplishes and why it is better than using a scalpel method.

The Different Issues Blepharoplasty Corrects

One of the leading reasons women and men decide to undergo this particular surgery is to erase the signs of aging so that they can maintain a more youthful look. The surgery addresses areas such as the elimination of too much skin, excess fatty deposits around the eye area that cause a puffy appearance, bags under the eyes and droopy eyelids that can affect the quality of vision. Also, excessive skin around the eye area prevents a look of being mad, sad or tired to others. All of this can be easily corrected through the laser procedure.

What Blepharoplasty Consists Of

Unlike using a scalpel, Blepharoplasty consists of using the latest laser technology to correct issues pertaining to areas around the eyes. This is very skilled and technical procedure that only a few surgeons offer. It is a very precise procedure that minimizes the healing time, as well as the appearance of any scars. The laser used is a precision pin point laser scalpel that makes tiny incisions that self heal. The laser is used to resurface the lower eye lid which in turn causes the skin to tighten for a more youthful look.

The aging process cannot be stopped, however the signs of aging can be erased. The area around the eyes are great indicators of a person’s age. Wrinkles, fine lines and droopy eyelids cause a person to look older. Fortunately, such issues can be corrected through surgical procedures. Call for a consultation to see what options are available to help you achieve the look you have always desired.