Teach you how to quickly pick a Bluetooth headset
There are more and more Bluetooth headsets on the market. Although it is not a big item, if you buy a poor quality Bluetooth headset, it will greatly affect your mood. So, how do we choose a Bluetooth headset that suits you? What should you pay attention to when purchasing?
1. What do I have to buy a Bluetooth headset?

Call: This is the main purpose of business office and safe driving. If you choose some single-ear Bluetooth headsets that are light, easy to carry, high-definition, and stable.

Listening to songs: This is the reason why most people buy Bluetooth headsets. If you are listening to songs, it is best to use binaural Bluetooth, because single-ear Bluetooth can not meet the requirements of stereo, if listening to songs is definitely the best stereo effect. . It depends on the acoustics of the Bluetooth ear (such as the number of speakers in the earphone, the size of the moving coil, the size of the diaphragm, and the professional debugging effect).

Sports: Sports listening to songs is also the main purpose of Bluetooth headsets. Generally, you need to choose a Bluetooth headset that is light, fit, and not easy to drop. It can be used with both ears and ears. If it is a binaural ear, pay attention to the thickness of its line. The thicker the line, the stronger the auscultation effect, but if the clip is wired, the auscultation effect can be reduced.

Play games to watch movies and TV: If you play games and watch movies, you generally need to choose a headset with strong compatibility and good transmission effect, because the head-mounted sound quality is good, the sound field is strong, and you can have a better picture.

2. What price can I afford?

Low-end price: generally 30-150 Bluetooth headsets, mainly based on domestic QCY, blue strings, millet, these three brands will have higher cost performance and better quality assurance, other domestic brands Some models also have some relatively good products.

Mid-range price: generally 150-800 Bluetooth headsets, which are mainly Jabra and Plantronics abroad, while QCY and Blue Strings also have some cost-effective mid-range products, buyers can choose according to their own needs.

High-end price: Generally it is more than 800 yuan headphones, even up to 10,000 yuan, the sound quality of headphones is highly respected by most earphone enthusiasts, and the brand like beats is to win the market with fashion appearance.

3. What kind of headphones are my ears used to wear?

The wearing experience is mainly determined by the way the earphones are matched, the ear cap, the weight, and the tightness, but depending on the subjective feeling of the individual, there may be discrepancies.

If you care about wearing comfort, then it is recommended to go to the store to wear the experience before buying.

4, must choose the 4.1 version of the Bluetooth headset?

The transmission effect of the earphone is mainly determined by the chip of the earphone. The version of the Bluetooth chip on the market mainly has three versions of 3.0, 4.0 and 4.1. In fact, each version has its own characteristics.

Bluetooth 3.0 has been around for a long time, and Bluetooth call transmission is the most stable. It is also the reason why 3.0 still exists today. Its shortcomings are relatively few functions, high power consumption and low transmission rate.

Bluetooth 4.0 has a higher transmission rate, longer transmission distance, lower power consumption, enhanced wireless coverage, direct connection, no need to input passwords, automatic return connection, intelligent one-to-two functions, and a large number of compatible Today’s digital devices.

Bluetooth 4.1 is an upgraded version of Bluetooth 4.0. It achieves higher HD and higher speed call effects on the basis of 4.0. It has more flexibility, but sometimes 4.1 compatibility is not stable. Please pay attention to this.

5. How long is the headset life time?

Life time determines how long your Bluetooth headset can last, and is divided into usage time and standby time. The decision on the battery life is related to the battery quality of the headset and the volume of the headset.

Most of today’s Bluetooth headsets are based on polymer lithium batteries, because of their small size, powerful functions, long battery life and high usable life.

The size of the earphone determines the size that the battery hardware can be assembled to determine the length of the battery life. Therefore, the larger the earphone, the larger the battery and the longer the battery life.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html